RCF Rifle Build!

May 1, 2019


Greetings to all of our wonderful followers to there! 

On this edition of the Outdoor Blog I will be talking GUNS!!! more specifically the RCF Rifle, along with the build and testing process that has been going on. 

If you have not heard of the RCF rifle you and are a regular follower of the show, you must have been living under a rock for the last couple of now for a quick recap on the history of this rifle and how it came into being:

Back on April 1st the founder of Backwoods Veterans (Justin) and I did a content interview with our good friends and now sponsors of BV Outdoors Erics Armory. During the follow-on social session between us and the crew at Eric's armory at the end of the filming/interview session, Eric's Armory Decided to donate a one of a kind custom built AR-15 to us to be raffled off at our first big benefit event

(Guitars For Stars) benefitting Red Circle Foundation on May 25th at the Beavercreek Saloon. Check out our event flyers on FB and here on the web page.

The rifle is a custom 5.56mm Areo Precision Build with Trinity Force upper hand guard, Trinity Force optics and back-up iron sights, Areo Precision bolt carrier, ambi safety and many more parts and finished in a battle worn burnt bronze Cerakote. The rifle also bears the Backwoods Veterans logo, Eric's Armory logo and the Red Circle Foundation logo.

This Rifle is Awesome!!! on Saturday the 27th of April both of our Crews got to take the RCF Rifle out and test/proof fire the rifle and shoot a whole bunch of other awesome weapons, im telling you now this rifle is amazing! It is by far the lightest AR-15 platform I have ever fired the action is smooth and the recoil impulse is light and very easy to handle and is very accurate (it drives nails).

all in all it is an amazing rifle and it comes with an optic! and the best part is one of you lucky supporters is going to go home with this awesome rifle. All you have to do is come to our event Guitars For Stars at the Beavercreek Saloon, in Beavercreek Oregon. Check out our event flyer on the main page, on our Facebook page, or you can click the link below the gallery.

Also for more info about Eric's Armory there is a icon link of the main page that will take you directly to their web page.