KET Kinetic Energy Tools. 

August 24, 2019

Jonathan Toll

Hello BV Nation!!!

it has been a while since my last blog, and I apologize. We have had so much going on. from local events like the Fully Loaded 4X4 event out at Threat Dynamics to more recently Triggrcon 2019 up in the Tacoma/Seattle area. 

Todays blog is gonna be a product review of KET (Kinetic Energy Tools) Brass Deflector. so while we were at Triggrcon the guys over at KET got in touch with Justin and I, and asked us if we would like to product test their brass deflectors. For obvious reasons we said yes (testing Awesome shooting accessories how can you say no?). long story short KET sent 2 of their brass deflectors out to us, and Jesse the co-owner of Eric's Armory and I spent a day shooting lots of rounds and putting the brass deflectors through their paces.

Initial impressions of the brass deflectors from both Jesse and my self were good. In the packaging came the deflector, a patch, instructions, and a number of different attaching options. 

The deflector itself is made of durable water and mildew resistant nylon that have 3 hook and loop panels sewn into it (one is for the mounting bracket) the other 2 are for whatever swag patches you want to throw on. 

The mounting options are very user friendly and very effective. KET has very thoughtfully and carefully designed this shell deflector to work with all optic and rail variants on a long gun platform to include a traditional bolt gun. there are 3 mounting brackets to choose from a 30mm scope bracket, a 1in scope bracket and a 1913 pic rail bracket. all three mounting options simply just nap into place and the shooter positions the deflector over the bolt on a bolt gun, or over the ejection port on an AR platform

and you are ready to shoot.

Once Jesse and I were ready to shoot we did discuss some things we were initially concerned about such as field of view being obstructed and it felt kinda flimsy. I can tell you now that both of those concerns were immediately squashed after the first magazines were fired. 

Both Jesse and I feel that the flexible almost flimsy feeling nature of deflector is what makes this deflector superior to the other shell deflectors on the market. The KET Brass Deflector absorbs the rounds as they are ejected, a common problem that both Jesse and I have seen with other deflectors is that they are bulky and too rigid....the over rigidity causes ejected brass to rebound back toward the operating receiver and cause a malfunction known as a double feed. there is no issues like this with KET's product it flexes and absorbs the energy of the ejected shell, and it subsequently drops right down to your feet. Jesse's 9mm AR platform with out the deflector in place was ejecting hot brass over 60ft from where he was shooting! with the deflector in place all of the brass was in an easy to pick up pile in one spot less than 6in away.

my biggest concern was due to how the deflector mounts to the pic rail that it would obstruct my field of view. This was defiantly not the case once I got to shooting I did not even notice that the deflector was even attached to my weapon. the pile of brass at my feet however I did notice, this shell deflector performs exactly how it is supposed to with out obstructing the shooter.

you can find this company on the web at you can also follow them on Instagram. if you are wondering where you can find one of these awesome deflectors there is a link on their web page that will take you to Amazon where you can order the KET Brass-Deflector which retails for $27.99

Jesse and I are both in agreement that this product is a game changer as far as shell deflectors go, its versatility and number of different mounting options and light weight durability make this one of the most effective Brass deflating devices out there in our mind, personally this would be awesome to see at public ranges as a courtesy to other shooters, I know I don't like getting pelted by hot brass. 

in summery yes both Jesse and I would highly recommend this product. 

if you have any questions feel free to reach out and send me an e-mail